Ready to view the world from the front porch of your small business? 

Image by Chris Montgomery


1. Choose and request to book your ideal session from the list below. 

2. You will receive an email with a booking conformation and an invoice within 24 hours. 

3. Once invoice is paid you will receive a zoom link for your scheduled call. 

What can we talk about? 


  • Determining which online platforms will provide the most return on investment for your small business. 

  • Understanding and managing your online presence. 

  • Managing your online marketing platforms. Facebook, Pinterest, and email marketing are my specialties! 

  • Website vs. Etsy or other like platforms. I build sites through the WIX platform and I do offer hourly work on Shopify sites as well through my Shopify Partner account.

  • When, what, how, and where to post for maximum exposure. 

  • Managing your websites navigation and set up so that it performs for you and meets your customers needs. 

  • Marketing budgeting and expectations. 

  • Tutorials and training on managing any of your online platforms.  

Why book with me? 

I have 8 years marketing experience ranging from corporate to small business. 

During my fifth year in corporate marketing I began getting referrals from friends and family to help local small businesses with their marketing needs.


It did not take long for me to realize there was a major need to help small business owners overcome their fear and frustration with managing their online presence. 

I began helping other small businesses on the side regularly and continued with my 9-5 marketing specialist position for our regional hospital. After two years of juggling both I left healthcare marketing to work strictly for myself and I couldn’t be happier with how it has worked out for my family and my customers. 

I still do work for larger corporations from time to time. This certainly helps to keep my marketing mind fresh and allows me to have a broader understanding of the differences in marketing a large corporation vs marketing a small business. Marketing is not a one size fits all service. 

Each business is unique and its best form of marketing should be too.